Step 5 of 5 - Screen Branding
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Step 5 - Screen Branding

Screen branding allows you to design your shopping cart to reflect the look of your website. This provides for a seamless transition from your site to UltraCart to avoid confusing or alarming customers by showing a cart that looks completely different form your website. They need to know that they are still using your system to buy the product.

to get to Screen Branding log into Ultracart and go to : Configuration -> Screen Branding Themes (under "Look & Feel") or click here (you'll need to be log into your UltraCart account).

Tip: Do a few test transactions to ensure your cart configurations are responding as expected.

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Final Tip: Adding your credit card into UltraCart Service Plan will ensure that when your 30-day free trial is over, you will continue to be able to use your UltraCart account.

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