Thanks UltrCart! Really loving the Storefronts platform. Between the speed, functionality and the features Kyle implemented it is night and day from our old website. Lots of compliments on new site and it and really better in every way, plus a lot easier for me to add and modify the product mix.


I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. While we’ve been long time customers using your shopping cart, this was our first Black Friday / Cyber Monday using the Store Fronts feature of UltraCart. Everything seemed to work well with no hiccups. No customer comments about not being able to access the site, etc. No reports of the site not functioning properly. I continue to appreciate how available and helpful everyone at UltraCart is. And now I’m happy to add the reliability of the storefront / hosting piece.

Thanks & keep up the good work!

Lisa Flood

Just wanted to let you guys know that has been an UltraCart customer for nearly ten years. In all that time, we have had ZERO negative experiences with UltraCart.

All it ever does is exactly what I want and more. I couldn't be happier.

Adam Andrews

We're a little startup company and just implemented an UltraCart solution a couple months ago. Thanks to a recent story on us in a national magazine, our online retail business has experienced a huge spike in orders the past two weeks. While our UltraCart backend has handled the vast majority of orders flawlessly, several customers have changed their orders after their original purchase, requiring manual intervention to edit their order and payment.

As a new user, I've contacted the UltraCart support team twice in as many days with arcane questions about how to handle these order changes. In both cases, the people I dealt with were knowledgeable, friendly and quite supportive, patiently walking me through the solutions to my questions. In short, both were a huge credit to your company and yet another reason why I would wholeheartedly recommend UltraCart to anyone looking for a fully-featured, mature shopping cart solution.

Please keep up the excellent work.

Kent Lufkin
Raw Materials Design

We have used several e-commerce solutions over the years but nothing, I mean nothing, has come close to the power, functionality, and customization capabilities of Ultracart. Our online business model is always changing which has required customization to meet our market and processing needs. I don't know of any other company with a more competent and talented staff, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, than Ultracart. It doesn't matter what programing challenge we've given them, they not only completed it quickly, they delivered far more than originally requested. We consider the team at Ultracart an integral additional business partner that totally understands our market needs.

The cost savings, from an operations perspective alone, are far greater than the investment we've made using Ultracart. We've been able to streamline all customer service functions and revamp our product fulfillment procedures because of the integration capabilities of Ultracart. If your company is looking for a complete, flexible, and state-of-the-art turn key e-commerce solution, with a world-class customer support team, you've found it!

Steve Miles
Syntratech Corporation

Ultra Cart has been great for our customers and us. Its ease of use means no more frustrated customers - they can easily put something in their shopping cart and conmplete the order. It is simple and fast for us to track any information we want or need. It works great with and our fulfillment house.

Their support staff is wonderful - both email and phone support are quick responders and work with you until the problem is solved. If you need something that is not provided which is rare, Ultra Cart Configures it quickly and the cost is always reasonable.

We consider them a valuable partner.

Adele Camens

Being a small business it is important to get the most value for your dollar. UltraCart delivers that value 24/7. Their product is first class and their support team excels at solving any issue you might have. I would recommend them to any business small or large that needs a robust full service shopping cart at an affordable price. Do not ask yourself if your business can afford it, instead ask yourself if you business can afford "not" to.

Craig Sharry
Texas Pepper Jelly

Goal: Replace failing in-house solution

Custom Database Solutions for ecommerce is what companies with too much money and not enough time to do research have developed only to find they don't work right and then they find that UltraCart does it all and more, simpler, cheaper, faster and with better support. At least that was our experience. We spent $7,000 on a custom database solution and after months of shipping and QuickBooks download problems, we scrapped it, took the loss and went with UltraCart. We use UltraCart on 2 of our other sites, but someone in IT got a hair in his nose about wanting a custom dbase and now him and the dbase are both gone.

UltraCart and their support team have been through development of 3 website ecommerce solutions. We are a $7,000,000+ company and growing by the day and volume is no problem for UltraCart and neither is customizations to fit our business model. They instituted certain and quick customizations of the cart to fit what WE needed and they did it FAST. That is something you can't put a price on. One think I like is they don't say they can do something they can't and do everything they say they will do, which is unusual in the world of programming. UltraCart also interacts with QuickBooks like it is an Intuit module, which is a great help with our bookkeeping functions.

We would highly recommend UltraCart as a fully scalable solution and welcome any contact by potential customers for more detail. All I can say is they saved us untold thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and downtime associated costs and we appreciate them.

If you do nothing else right on your website, at least with UltraCart, your customers will be able to order easily and intuitively and that is ultimately what website conversion is all about. Our online orders increased by 75% when we started using UltraCart instead of our other cart because UltraCart is USER FRIENDLY and our other one wasn't, so that meant a lot more phone in orders, which adds to overhead. It's great to see a majority of our customers happily and easily ordering online and we attribute our success online to UltraCart's ease of use, scalability and customization. Bottom line is - don't think, get it. Worry about something else, because your shopping cart will work if it's an Ultra Cart!

Marvin Moore
Commercial Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Dear Ultra Cart Team,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am glad I chose Ultra Cart to host my business. I spent countless hours testing out "free" trials of other shopping cart systems and was unable to find one I was happy with. They were either to difficult to configure or were missing important features or the customer service was very poor. Thankfully, I signed up for your "free" trial and was able to end my search for the perfect shopping cart system.

The Ultra Cart was easy to setup and implement. As a matter of fact, the web programmer I decided to use told me I made a great choice selecting ultra cart as it was (in his opinion) the best shopping cart out there.

Everything went together surprisingly smooth and any issues I had or changes I requested were responded to very quickly (often almost instantly). You won't find that level of customer service anywhere else.

In my business, I list a lot of items but they are all unique and once I sell an item I rarely see one like it again. This is not your normal shopping cart business and even though they had never hosted a business like mine, they were able to step-up and adjust their systems to better accommodate my type of business.

Lastly, I sell on eBay a bit and Ultra Cart has a great option to allow me to create a link for my customers that loads all their eBay item information into the Ultra Cart. Some of my eBay customers do not want to bother with creating a Paypal account but want to pay via credit card. They simply follow the link I send them and can check out on the Ultra Cart secure server and pay via my merchant account.

Keep up the great work.

Michael Hoppe
World of Autographs

I have been working with UltraCart for the past six months and I am ecstatic. It is such a drastic improvement from the system we had before. What I most appreciate about UltraCart is that they listen to what you are asking for and are always working to incorporate customer suggestions into the e-commerce program. It is refreshing to work with a company that truly cares about its customers and their specific needs. Moreover, UltraCart's customer service is second to none.

Emily McHugh

When we switched to UltraCart, we experienced a substantial increase in sales within two months which we attribute to the added capabilities that we obtained by using UltraCart. We've been with UltraCart for over 18 months now; revenue has more than tripled in the past year, and UltraCart continues to provide us with tools that truly make a difference and keep us ahead of our competition. In the hobby business, we often have oversize but light packages and also small heavy ones. With UltraCart, we have the ability to configure not only product weights but also their dimensions so that the shipping amount we charge our customers is very accurate. This is a huge advantage for us!

Cathy Bujold


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