April Updates include enhancements to StoreFronts, Order Management, Rest API, Analytics, Integrations, and Affiliates.


  • MyAccount - adjust the order's payment method when the customer does an update to a new credit card and was on Apple/Google Pay
  • MyAccount - re-enable auto order when the customer update's their card
  • Checkout - Venmo support for shipping address and shipping method callbacks so it can function as an express checkout method
  • StoreFront - add support for Rekognition generated description for page multimedia (beta)
  • Communications - emails now support external generation of content variables to facilitate AI generation workloads
  • StoreFront - method to get date without time from the DateManager
  • StoreFront - more comparison methods in the Date object
  • StoreFront - option to pass UC Analytics ID as the GA4 user_id value
  • StoreFront - register one time use coupons to customer profiles (beta)
  • StoreFront - some fixes related to HTTP/2 status text response codes being handled properly
  • StoreFront - unsubscribe page will hide archived lists from being displayed to the customer

Analytics and Reporting

  • Analytics - adjust the collection framework to use a newer high throughput FIFO queue system
  • Analytics - classify traffic from ClaudeBot as bot traffic
  • Reporting - Auto Order and Sales Rep reports migrated over to BigQuery as the underlying source of data
  • Reporting - Dashboard limit the number of rows populating into certain metrics when the values have high cardinality

Order Management

  • Auto Order - search migrated over to new search engine that is substantially faster
  • Auto Order - search result new column for item summary
  • Order Management - add column for payment method to view all orders result
  • Order Management - email delivery screen will now display when an email was opened and/or clicked by the customer
  • Order Management - more aggressive handling of already manifested tracking numbers for EasyPost ScanForm generation
  • Order Management - new option to require refund and reject reason codes
  • Order Management - new transactional merchant note when a user moves an order to a shipping department


  • REST API - add calculated_next_shipment_date to the AutoOrderItem object (also in Bigquery)
  • REST API - add merchant_id to REST AutoOrder object (also in BigQuery)
  • REST API - improved validation of item cost field
  • REST API - new item method to update a single attribute to make updates from AI generation workloads easier to program


  • EDI - 997 fix for certain complex document acknowledgements
  • FedEx / FreightQuote - now generate carrier log details to make LTL freight packing solutions more transparent
  • Hubspot - integration updated for 64-bit identifiers
  • Maropost - respect the mailing list opt in flag
  • ZIP+4 - standardization for Saddle Creek integration
  • Kount - adjustments related to email requirement and PayPal orders
  • eBay - fixed for GetOrderTransactions deprecation
  • Member Mouse - migrate logging over to the unified Integration Logs sub-system
  • Amazon - new FBA SP-API integration to replace Amazon FBA MWS which has been deprecated by Amazon
  • FedEx - new FedEx REST API to replace the old FedEx SOAP API. Merchants will be required to upgrade to continue using FedEx API based rating and label printing
  • Active Campaign - option to update existing contacts
  • ONTRAport - send over the website name in the contact
  • Shopify - some fixes to the import routines


  • Configuration - fix for tags on free item with item purchase coupon
  • Configuration - item editor will perform additional validation to make sure a kit component is not a kit


  • Affiliate - support for server-to-server refund notifications to a separate URL