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Seamless integration

UltraCart Conversations is a fully-integrated chat platform that seamlessly connects to every aspect of your UltraCart account. By integrating with your products, orders, shipping, flows, and customer data, Conversations provides more successful SMS and Web Chat interactions, driving conversions and boosting customer engagement. With Conversations, you can offer a personalized experience that sets your business apart and keeps your customers happy with top-notch service.

  • Reduce the risk of cart abandonment with live chat support during the checkout process.
  • Easily add coupons and products to a customer's cart in real-time using the Web Chat interface.
  • Gain valuable insights into your customers' journey and experience during a chat session using the dynamic customer context panel.
  • Understand your logged in customers' value by reviewing their on-demand order history and LTV during a chat session.
Custom Checkout Resources

Automated Sentiment Analysis

With automated sentiment feedback, you can quickly find and review customer interactions that do not yield positive outcomes. This enables you to modify your communication strategy, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive engagements.

Custom Checkout Resources

Automated Image Moderation

The UltraCart conversation platform features an advanced monitoring system that automatically detects and promptly removes any potentially offensive or disturbing images, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all users. Additionally, this powerful feature helps to maintain the integrity of the platform's content and provides peace of mind for users who can confidently engage in conversations without the risk of encountering harmful or inappropriate visuals.