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Dynamic Experimentation

Use experiments in your communication flows to test marketing messages and promotions. Remove the guesswork and number crunching and let UltraCart do the heavy lifting for you.

  1. Set up two or more promotional variants.
  2. Establish the duration for the experiment.
  3. Set the winning criteria.
  4. At the end of the set duration, automatically determine the winning experiment variant.
  5. Isolate all remaining flow traffic to the most effective variant automatically.
Custom Checkout Resources

Tracking Data

Make meaningful and informed marketing decisions based on unified analytics. UltraCart collects detailed statistics on the customer from end-to-end. Automatic UTM tracking of all email marketing.

  • Compare flow and campaign statistics.
  • Analyze Individual flow and campaign step performance.
  • View individual customer data and behavior as they interact with your campaigns and your StoreFronts.
Custom Checkout Resources


Take advantage of advanced features to reach your audience and gather a comprehensive view of user interactions.

  • Add users to your lists from external survey or quiz platforms.
  • Email customers external offers that track behavior with unique identifiers.
  • Monitor behavior outside fo the UltraCart platform with server-to-server API based tracking.
Custom Checkout Resources

Automation With Flows

Flows allow you to customize and automate your customer interactions visually. Use flows to create something as simple as a single email campaign or as complex as an abandoned cart flow that tests different promotions to recover lost sales opportunities.

User Flows provide granular analytics associated with specific steps. These details can be utilized to continually refine and optimize the individual triggers and interactions.

Example Flows

  • Abandon Cart - sent after a customer abandons their cart. You can apply a unique coupon code to the cart during the flow to incentivize purchase.
  • Encourage Reviews - triggered after an order ships and typically delayed several weeks. Allows the customer to write a verified purchaser review without having to signup for a customer profile or login.
  • Item Back In Stock - Allow customers to signup for a notification when an item returns to inventory. A pre-populated cart with the items is sent to the customer for quick checkout.
  • Auto Order Recovery - Once an auto order is canceled or disabled, email the customer with an offer to re-establish their auto order. Incentivize them with coupons.