We've rolled out several key updates across the platform, spanning from configuration enhancements and integration improvements to new features and StoreFront updates.

Task Management

  • New! Tasks - The new tasks module has been rolled out in beta.


  • Item editor - Auto order tab fix for sample schedule when the grandfathered pricing date is in the future
  • Item editor - strip invalid characters from custom url slugs used in StoreFront item assignment
  • Loyalty program - now supports a cap on the number of loyalty points a customer can accumulate.
  • Loyalty program - support for giving cashback when reviews are written.
  • New - configuration for generation of tasks related to item events (low stock and out of stock).
  • New - configuration for generation of tasks related to order events (payment failure, auto order failure, card update, and fraud review).
  • Pricing tier - configuration option to set currency code.
  • Rotating transaction gateway - restriction based upon currency code.
  • Strip advertising parameters from view URLs that are automatically collected so we don't store a gclid.


  • Hubspot - now supports their larger 64-bit contact IDs.
  • Veracore Fulfillment - Improve error handling.
  • Northbeam - Improve error handling
  • ShipHero fulfillment - Improve logging.
  • InboxGeek - Integrated with StoreFront Communications as a new step type.
  • Kustomer - Support added. Limited functionality of generating a JWT for use with authenticated login to their API.
  • Klaviyo - Support per StoreFront configuration in case merchants are using multiple Klaviyo accounts.
  • Klaviyo - V2 has been released. Merchant using Klaviyo will need to upgrade before the V1 API retirement deadline.

Order Management

  • Auto order - editor will perform an immediate cancel if the merchant sets cancel after 0 more orders.
  • Auto order - editor will add a log when there is a change to an item's arbitrary unit cost
  • UltraShip - New account level option for UltraShip to use EasyPost to print all labels.
  • Order editor - taxes tab will now display an informational message if the order is associated with a channel partner.
  • Customer Profiles - option to unlink a customer from a profile.

Rest API

  • Add - Add next_item_id to the AutoOrderItem object to give a simple calculated value.
  • Add - Channel partner API support for sales rep code.
  • Legacy Cart - REST API fix for PayPal flag with newer PayPal integration.
  • New - New webhooks associated with the Tasks module.


  • StoreFront Communications - Communications module has a new step to generate a task for the new Tasks module.
  • StoreFront Communications - Fix for transactional email editor when there are no orders to us for sample display.
  • StoreFront Communications - add integration log when an external ingestion to StoreFront Communications happens to provide transparency.
  • Configuration - support for GA4 server container URL property configuration.
  • Visual Builder - allow item price element in the context of a myaccount auto order element to show the next shipment cost
  • Visual Builder - fix a cache issue on cart related items when multiple related items elements were used with different options.
  • Visual Builder - hide if element has new option to hide content if the customer is known to UC Analytics.
  • Visual Builder - new "order item condition" element.
  • Visual Builder - new "order item digital delivery access codes" element.
  • Visual Builder - new button action to replace a cart item.
  • Visual Builder - support for new Klaviyo V2 events.


  • Auto Order Active Report - support for larger report generation.