Contextual Behavior

See what the user sees. Session recordings are captured in the orientation and context in which the user is experiencing the content.

Advanced Filtering

Quickly apply and stack filters to create segments that meet your criteria. Save segments to easily view any new sessions that meet the filter criteria.

  • Device Profile
  • Session Data
  • Order Information
  • User Profile
  • Page Information
  • Communication Data

Flexible Implementation

Go beyond your StoreFront! Simply embed the screen recording script on any of your web properties to record and view sessions as users navigate and interact with content.

Simply include the tracking script on your external sites to capture your customers journey from your external marketing landing pages to your StoreFront checkout.

UTM and Event Data

Each page within the session provides a detailed breakdown of the available UTM parameters. Event data and details are provided as the session playback progresses through each page.

Favorite and Share Sessions

Mark important sessions as favorites to save and view these in the future. Share individual sessions with other members on your account.

Advanced Privacy Protection

User passwords, payment information and other sensitive data hidden and protected during the session recording process.

Access to Console Data

View detailed console logs during the recording playback.

Quickly Cut Through the Noise with Filters & Heatmaps

Screen Recording Filtering

Filters provide a way to quickly identify specific session groups. Mix and match filters to narrow your search context for a specific user set. Once you're happy with your filter parameters, save your filter criteria as a segment to quickly view all recent sessions that apply to your filter.

  • Device
    • Device Type
    • Operating Session
    • User Agent
  • Session
    • Date
    • Duration
    • Page Count
    • UTM Parameters
  • User
    • IP Address
    • Email Address
    • Unique Visitor ID
  • Page
    • Page URL Criteria
    • Page Visit Duration
    • Page Parameters or Events
  • Order
    • Order ID
    • Order Contains Item ID
  • Communication
    • Campaigns
    • Flows
    • Marketing EMail Subject

Heat Map Data

Heat map data provides invaluable engagement data over time. While screen recordings allow you to see specific user interactions, heat maps serve up a cumulative summary of the way your customers interact with your content.

  • Movement
    • Movement heat maps provide summarized mouse movement data throughout the page. The mouse position is often considered a solid indicator of user eye movement around your content.
  • Click
    • The click heat map provides deeper insights into how users are interacting with your content and CTA elements.
  • Scroll
    • The scroll heat map provides page depth engagement information. Understanding how far the majority of users scroll into your page helps drive content investment and production decisions.

Screen Recording Data Analytics

  • BigQuery Data Warehouse

    Analyze screen recording metadata using SQL within the BigQuery

  • Webhooks

    Receive the same screen recording metadata via a webhook for customized processing within other business intelligence solutions.