We've rolled out a series of updates designed to enhance your UltraCart experience. These improvements span Task Management, StoreFronts, Order Management, Rest API, Reporting, Integrations, and our Data Warehouse.

Task Management

  • Prevent inventory tasks from being opened on kit items


  • Analytics - now collects ITM parameters (similar to UTM parameters) and stores alongside them in BigQuery
  • Analytics - GA4 option to send custom dimensions for order type
  • Communications - fix for list unsubscribe operation in certain scenarios
  • Communications - flow trigger equation now supports checking the order payment method
  • Communications - now displays rate limiter information on the campaign
  • Communications - ignore segments that perform BigQuery delta operations once archived
  • Screen Recording - fix for filter value of "exists"
  • Upsells - add title to the upsell path since often times it's ellipsed due to length
  • Additional storage of the email associated with PayPal payment to restore value if cleared by customer
  • Themes - new theme release with support for gift certificate email
  • Visual Builder - checkout shipping method element now allows for configurable text when no shipping methods are available
  • Visual Builder - fix for email CSS injection to hide ancestor elements
  • Visual Builder - fix for GA4 add to cart event with multiple quantity
  • Visual Builder - new elements for display of gift certificate information within an email

Order Management

  • Add pickup date/time to legacy text version of notification that some automated systems parse
  • Additional checks to prevent rejection of an order that has a successful payment occur in the background
  • Fix on tracking number link when customer tracking URL used and multiple tracking numbers on the order
  • New tool to undelete orders

Rest API

  • Order query now supports a query_target of cache which substantially improves query times and allows for 5X more orders per query
  • Auto order consolidation method
  • Auto order standardize the item id to upper case to improve searching in BigQuery
  • Channel partner order import now supporting e-check fields
  • Expose current_step on the CartCheckout object to facilitate reporting in BigQuery
  • Improve validation of webhook.authentication_type
  • Item API now supports a new method to obtain an inventory snapshot
  • New order payment constants for Amazon Pay and Stripe Link
  • Standardize case of email for auto order search
  • View all orders now supports searching by refund date


  • Auto Order Historical report now powered by BigQuery
  • Coupon report now powered by BigQuery
  • Mix and Match Group Average report now powered by BigQuery
  • Order Merchant Note report now powered by BigQuery
  • Shipping Cost report now powered by BigQuery


  • 3PL Central - inventory pagination improvements
  • EasyPost - daily manifest skipped if no pending shipments to manifest to prevent error
  • EasyPost - Saturday delivery support
  • EasyPost - Mini-packing slip label when printed on 4x8 label
  • Facebook - Oauth refreshes now logged to integration log system
  • FedEx - REST API implemented to replace legacy SOAP API
  • Northbeam - Payload adjusted when order does not require shipping
  • ONTRAport - Added option to skip transmission of refunds
  • QuickBooks Online - Improve error handling to allow reconnection in additional scenarios
  • Shippo - fix for FedEx International Connect Plus
  • Stripe - now supports Amazon Pay and Stripe Link
  • PeriShip - Update to the latest API
  • Klaviyo - Improve phone number handling to reduce errors

Data Warehouse

  • Add the session_id to the uc_storefront_upsell_offer_events table so that average revenue per session can be calculated
  • Load changes to orders old than 5 years via partition instead of streaming due to BigQuery restriction


  • Manual order entry now allows direct entry of the order id for high volume merchants