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More about Data Warehouse

UltraCart will handle the data transfer into BigQuery on an automated base. Businesses can then use the information to feed support systems, write reports, and join up with other data systems for operational analysis.

Additional Benefits

  • easy reporting in Google Data Studio / Microsoft Power BI
  • connect data to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • extract querying using the BigQuery CLI or SDK to extract the data set

Working with a large historical data set across all our UltraCart accounts, the UltraCart integration with Google Big Query allows us complete freedom to design complex reporting using virtually any modern BI tool. Because BigQuery is designed as a massive scale data warehouse our monthly costs are less than $15 when working with records across all our UltraCart accounts.

Chris G. - Meliorra Brands

Order Information

General order details: Date, ID, Items, Cost Details, and more.

  • TABLE: orders
  • TABLE: auto_orders

Item Information

General item details: SKUs, Descriptions, price, and more.

  • TABLE: items

Customer Information

General customer details: Name, Email, Address, Orders and more.

  • TABLE: customers

Affiliate Information

General affiliate details: Name, Orders, Address, and more.

  • TABLE: affiliate
  • TABLE: affiliate_click
  • TABLE: affiliate_ledger

StoreFront Information

General StoreFront details: Experiments, Upsells, Events, and more.

  • TABLE: storefront_experiment
  • TABLE: storefront_upsell_path
  • TABLE: storefront_upsell_offer
  • TABLE: storefront_upsell_offer_event

Transaction Gateway Information

General transaction gateway details: Transaction Gateway Name, Process Frequency, Process Value and more.

  • TABLE: rotating_transaction_gateway_history

Screen Recording Information

General screen recording details: Recording Date, Recording Duration, Recording User and more.

  • TABLE: screen_recording

Towerdata Intelligence Information

General towerdata intelligence information details: Household, Demographics, Interests and more.

  • TABLE: towerdata_email_intelligence

Data Warehouse Documentation

  • Introduction to Data Warehouse (BigQuery)

    Introduction UltraCart's Data Warehouse (BigQuery) feature allows for a business to quickly setup a data warehouse of their customers, items, orders and auto order information with Google's BigQuery database service.

  • Google Cloud Configuration

    Google Cloud Configuration Establishing a project within Google's cloud, setting up BigQuery, setting up a Storage bucket, and setting up a service account user with proper permissions.

  • UltraCart Configuration

    UltraCart Account Configuration Once configured, the data warehouse should populate within one hour the first time.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions How does this data warehouse work? What UltraCart plans support it? and more.

  • Sample Queries

    Sample Queries Active Auto Order Next Rebill, Revenue Per Item Over a Certain Time Period, Orders For Specific Items Shipped By a User on a Specific Date, and more.