Step 2 of 5 - Item Management
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Step 2 - Item Management

The Item Management area allows you to sell many different types of items. Regardless of what you sell and how you sell it, UltraCart wants you to be successful!

Before you move on, be sure to click the complete button when you finish step 1, Learning the Navigation System. When you do, the [INCOMPLETE] should change to [COMPLETE].

If you moved ahead on your own, you may have noticed that uploading each of your items individually can be time consuming. As mentioned in yesterday's e-mail, you can skip this individual upload by going to the Batch Item Import and importing a whole spreadsheet of data. To do this you navigate: Login-> Item Management-> Batch Item Import and follow the prompts.

Please enter your items with only letters or numbers in your item ID. This isn't a requirement,but will simplify things later. You may use the Manufacturer SKU, but it is better to use a name that identifies the product. It will also show up in the Buy Link which you will learn about as you progress through step 2 of the Setup Checklist. If you would like your item to be associated to the Manufacturer SKU, you can do so on the Item Editor page.

Remember, if you get stuck you may reference the online manual, knowledge base, forums, open a support case in your UItraCart account, or just pick up the phone and call support at 209-383-9870 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m. EST

Tip: Getting into folders now may save you some time later, but remember the fastest way to get up and selling is to finish the checklist. If you spend time on folders now, it will delay sales. So finish the checklist, start selling, and then you can go back and organize.

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