Step 1 of 5 - Getting Started
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Step #1 - Getting Started

This is the first in a series of e-mails designed to help you setup your UltraCart account. The first five will help you with the Setup Checklist on the home page of your UltraCart account. You can skip out of these e-mails and through the Setup Checklist on your own by clicking the link at the bottom of this email.

The sooner you progress through the 6 steps in your Setup Checklist, the sooner you will be up and selling. As you go through the checklist, you'll notice that each step changes from [INCOMPLETE] to [COMPLETE].

The first step is very easy:

* login to UltraCart

* Find the Setup Checklist, it is one of the home page widgets (you can move them by grabbing/dragging the title bar)

* Click on - "1. Learning the Navigation System [Incomplete]"

As you can see this step is quick and it should help you understand the basic navigation of your UltraCart account.

The most important aspect of step 1 is learning where to get help. You may find answers in the reference manual, knowledge base, online forums, support cases, or by calling the free help line. Our goul is to help you get your site up, so you can begin selling your product.

The second step is on Item Management. (You may skip ahead to continue working through the Setup Checklist.)

There are many different types of items you can sell on UltraCart. Some examples are:

* Auto-Orders (also known as recurring orders, auto-bills, or continuity) - these can be physical, digital, or subscription products.

* Physical Product - tangible items that need to be shipped to a customer.

* Digital Product - a PDF, video, picture, or other form of media that is not physical and does not need to be shipped to the customer.

* Subscription - an auto-order in nature although it does not necessarily need to be tied to a product. It can be tied to a private forum, or a membership.

* Kit - a group of items that are represented as one item in the cart.

* Perishable - any product that must be shipped quickly with specific restrictions on temperature and time in transit (i.e., fish, fruit, baked goods).

Sending any of these types of items has its own challenges. UltraCart gives you the ability to configure your cart for them all.

Tip: Add a bookmark to the online reference manual
Tip: If you have a lot of items you may want to use the Batch Item Import. It is found by clicking the Item Management button and looking through the links there.

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