May 14, 2014
UltraCart New UI Update

New UI: Update

First of all, we want to relay a deep and profound “Thank You” to each of you that have taken the time to supply us with constructive feedback and practical recommendations! We’ve been working diligently to address each of your comments by tightly tracking down bugs while at the same including some slick new features.

Below is an extremely condensed list of some of the more significant changes to the UI. We aren’t interested in boring you with every pixel push and menu swap, so for this newsletter we will just to stick with the larger updates and fixes.


Increase base font size in most areas by 3px (11px to 14px).

Increase Font contrast (#6C6C6C to #555555).

Increase input Border Contrast (#D9D9D9 to #BBBBBB).

Fixed font blur issue.

Reduced vertical space before section content.

Removed redundant headers.


New smart search integration. Quickly navigate to specific pages, items, orders and more by using the search box in the header. View a full list of the current smart search commands here: https://secure.ultracart.com/merchant/search/searchHierarchyLoad.do


Switching accounts fixed.

Custom navigation issues fixed.

New custom navigation UI and nesting functionality. Customize your navigation on the My Prefrences page.


General UI enhancements and bug fixes.


General UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Item Editor

Shipping Tab Navigation Update

Kit bug fixes

Item List

Wrapping Adjustments

Additional icons on the item list for quicker access over to tools

Affiliate Management

UI Updated

Approve Transactions updated with approval all boxes

View All Orders

UI Updated

CC Email search field

Fix reset button

Single result automatically displays

Shipping Methods

list enable/disable button and default/make default clarification

Your Prefrences

Simplified User Interface

Drag and drop primary navigation customization

Gravatar summary and toggle option

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