October 04, 2013
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Blog: Redesign your website for Free!

If you are considering leaving your website design in place for another year because you are trying to tighten your belt in a tough economy, I’m asking you to reconsider. The statistics for ROI on an update to your website design are impressive - The conversion rate (of visitors to leads) increased by 20-50%, Forrester. You can run the math on those numbers to see how that would affect your store, but lets suffice it to say its very, very good...
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Featured Partner: Infusionsoft

The ONLY all-in-one sales and marketing software built for small business. We've built everything you need—CRM, e-commerce, social media and email marketing—into a single, powerful system that automatically converts leads into new customers and grows sales from existing ones. So you can focus on your business or your life. Or both. Imagine that. Infusionsoft...

UltraCart Newsletter

Interview: Level2D.com

Level 2 Design is a strategy, design and development firm. Specializing in web strategy, our projects have ranged from deisgn and development for the FBI to a complete media/e-commerce overhaul for GoDecals.net. Level2D can help you shape your image on the web or in an advertising campaign for a magazine. Whether you are a small business, large business, educational institution, government agency, or circus clown Level2D can help connect you to your audience. Level2D.com...

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UltraCart provides free integration to Infusionsoft to cascade Contacts, Orders/Invoices, and Shipping information. This includes mapping order and shipping information to custom fields you may have configured in your Infusionsoft account. View Docs...

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UltraCart October 02
Ever wondered how to automatically setup your customers as affiliates so they could share your awesome products and get credit for it? Try the auto-enrollment-affiliate program:http://docs.ultracart.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=918120#Settings%28AffiliateManagement%29-AutomaticEnrollment

UltraCart September 25
Just this month I've heard 3 horror stories of website design/development companies promising big and failing to deliver. Unfortunately its only too easy for anyone to setup shop online and look like they are a reputable company. If you are ready to move forward with a new website, CMS, ecommerce platform, etc, please do your due diligence and also followup on references before signing on the dotted line. I would also like to toot our own horn here and encourage you to use our Professional Services Team as they are collectively an incredibly talented team. Give them a call - 209.383.9870x2

UltraCart September 20
Switching to UltraCart? I wrote a blog about, here it is: http://docs.ultracart.com/display/Blog/2013/09/20/Switching+Shopping+Carts

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