July 25, 2014
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Double Stealth Social Ninja

We all know that social media has not turned out to be the boon to companies selling products online that it was expected to be. However, all the information that we've been told since we were young-uns in the Art of Marketing remains. People need to see something multiple times before they engage with it. Therefore I bring you the art of Double Stealth Social Ninja.

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Advertising Sources

Advertising sources allow you to track how your customers hear about your store. They will indicate the source during the checkout process. Tracking advertising sources is the best way to learn where your advertising dollar is having the most impact.
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Sucess Story:

Speedwinds CEO - CJ Montgomery: What areas of your business are you going to focus on moving into 2014? increasing our usage of the affiliate program and expand into some niche and international areas...
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Paypal Accounts Receivable

Basically if you abandon the Paypal transaction after 30 minutes an order will appear in the Accounts Receivable section showing the item that was going to be purchase but EVERY other detail is blank. This makes sense as no information is available at this times as the checkout redirects to Paypal prior to the shopper completing any fields. How do I prevent this situation? Could be very annoying once the site is live.
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UltraCart June 25
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UltraCart June 23
I've heard that if you think about a problem before you go to bed it activates your subconscious to work on it while you're still asleep. I'm going to think about the next newsletter and see what comes up tomorrow morning for the blog.

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