July 22, 2014
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Tickle someone's fancy

I think tickle someone's fancy is a funny saying. Until I knew what it actually meant I must admit I had misgivings that it was appropriate for social conversation. However once I realized it just meant to amuse someone favorably it took some of the intrigue away, but still retained its lightheartedness. Like amusement parks that are built for and marketed toward kids, it's fun and not too serious.

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UltraCart and Amazon
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The User configuration screen consists of two sections the Owner User section and the Regular User section. The Owner User has control of the account and the other users of the account. A regular user is simply any other user on the account that is not the owner. There is no limit on the number of user that can be configured and it is best to have a new user for any person that will need access into the account.
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UltraCart Newsletter

Inside UltraCart - Volume 1

Rarely do we take time to go behind the curtain at UltraCart and give you a glimpse into the minds of our staff members. In order to give them some anonymity, we're not going to name them outright but give them the name of on of their favorite movie characters...
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Cancel or Disabled Auto Order

Hi. Does anyone know the difference between a cancelled and disabled auto order?
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UltraCart June 22
How you treat your employees has more to do with who you are as a person than who they are...

Treating your employees with respect is the best way to gain their respect in return. This will in turn boost your bottom line.


UltraCart June 21
America still loves the underdog!


If you're a small business you can compete with the big guys, no problem!

UltraCart June 17
I was talking to one of our valued merchants today about media spend and he related that the new sales graph in the home area of your UltraCart account is a great way to see how your media is affecting your sales when the campaign is running. Thanks for sharing!

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