July 18, 2014
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Hooray! Your weight no longer matters!

I'd tell you to put the diet book down now because you're weight no longer matters, but its not just how much you weigh its how big you are as well. Well, only if you're shipping yourself, which you're not, so I digress.

What's coming in 2015 - Dimensional weight on all packages for Fedex and UPS

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Distribution Center

A distribution center is the location from which your products will ship. That could be your main office, a satellite office, or a third party logistics company. When using a third party logistics company that is already integrated with UltraCart, the system will transmit your order information to the fulfillment house seamlessly.
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Interview: Greg Baka

How are you preparing for the new changes to shipping with the new dimensional weight? First, by replacing some of our cartons with smaller ones. For example, we now use a 60x7x5 box that could hold 6 tools, but that size will have a dim weight of 13 lbs and we don't ship 6 tools at once very often...
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Orders with coupon require approval

Is there currently a way to hold an order and require approval if it has a coupon on it? We like to extend discounts (5/10/15/20%) to customers from time to time and I thought the coupon tool would be the best way to manage this.
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UltraCart June 17
I was talking to one of our valued merchants today about media spend and he related that the new sales graph in the home area of your UltraCart account is a great way to see how your media is affecting your sales when the campaign is running. Thanks for sharing!

UltraCart June 16
Social media may not directly garner customers for you, but indirect is just as good as direct when it means you get a customer. Plus there are a lot of side benefits that you can leverage to ROI on the time you spend with social media.


UltraCart June 10
When comparing shopping carts against each other its a good idea to compare not just the features you need now, but the features you'll need down the road.

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