July 12, 2013
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Blog: When should I Outsource?

When you outsource to a company whose sole purpose is the business for which you are outsourcing to them, you will realize benefits that "you didn't know that you didn't know". This happens all the time when you work with people who develop code in a language a little bit of the time and those that spend their days writing code in that language. The amount of knowledge that one picks up when writing code on a daily basis cannot be understated. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell goes so far as to say that until one accumulates 10,000 hours of work in a given skill, one cannot be considered an expert.
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Partner: Mad Mimi Email Marketing

Mad Mimi makes it simple and enjoyable to create beautiful HTML emails. We offer an easy-to-use platform that helps you create, send, and track your email marketing campaigns, all from within the same intuitive interface. We also offer some of the best customer service in the industry, or anywhere for that matter.
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Docs: Activation Code API

The primary focus of this document is to teach developers how to configure and implement activation codes for their digital delivery products. Software registration is the primary use of activation codes. UltraCart’s support makes it possible for merchants to securely generate activation codes in real-time using their code generation program without having to distribute the program to a 3rd party.Read Docs...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Building a Password Protected Wholesale Area Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through all the various steps to building a password protected wholesale area. This is one of those topics that cuts across a wide number of segments within the UltraCart platform.Read Docs...

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