June 18, 2013
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Mr. Pareto - Fire that Customer!

When eBay began holding an "online marketplace" for people of unique hobbies and passions to trade/buy/sell online, they had to establish an ethos - that all people are basically good. While still acknowledging that there may be characters of disrepute willing to forego their conscience and pursue a one-sided deal, most people agree to engage in business for the purpose of mutual satisfaction.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: Commission Payments

Are commissions paid automatically through UltraCart or are they just logged in UC and you have to issue payment separately? I pulled a commission report that shows an expected pay date so I figured that meant UC handles it. Read Post...

UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Integration: BuySafe

Every once in a while we discover a company that is doing something no one else is doing. 9 times out of 10 they disappear in a few years, but sometimes that company fuels the start of an industry.

Enter BuySafe... we have watched this company add more and more merchants since we have been partnered with them and for good reason. BuySafe increases conversion rates in our merchant's stores. There is a reason a good percentage of our top 100 grossing stores use them. BuySafe Integration...

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Docs: Users

UltraCart uses an industry standard security mechanism of user authentication and authorization. Authentication is the verification of the identity of a person. Authorization refers to the different actions (permissions) that each user can perform. Read Doc...

UltraCart Newsletter

71 Pounds

Did you know every FedEx & UPS shipment has a money-back-guarantee (MBG) if delivered late?. If your overnight or ground package is late - even by 60 seconds, you should get 100% of your money back. Most e-commerce merchants are not aware, which results in $2 billion in unclaimed refunds every year. 71lbs.com built a "set-and-forget" that gets these late FedEx/UPS refunds for you. You provide us your shipping credentials (takes 45 seconds) and you do nothing more. Our system monitors your shipments, identifies the late ones, and automatically files your claims. 100% of the credit goes directly to your FedEx/UPS account. We have zero sign-up fees and zero monthly fees. We collect a % of the refund.

If we don't save you money, you don't pay anything. It's like having a free insurance policy without paying a premium.

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We're close to 2013's halfway mark! Only 25 more days to catchup on the todo list that you setup in January. Have you made good progress?

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UltraCart's Abandoned Lead Report captures any carts that are not completed even if they use paypal.

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