May 30, 2013
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Interview with Ian Brodie

Thanks for agreeing to talk to us about running an UltraCart business outside the US, Ian. Unfortunately we're not recording this, so our readers won't get to hear your cool british accent. (note to reader: continue reading this with the understanding that Ian sounds like James Bond.)

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: Free Shipping with restrictions

I'm interested in the following scenerio:

Free UPS Ground Shipping with orders whose subtotal is greater than $300, except for AK and HI.

I'd prefer to offer this without a coupon.

Suggestions/Options? Read Post...

UltraCart Newsletter

UltraCart Integrations:

UltraCart currently integrates with over 170 partners in many different industries that can help your business. Adding more partners can simplify your business, expand your reach, increase your customer interaction and ultimately result in more sales! The amount of integrations needed is up to you. View Integrations

The Slanket
UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Getting Help

When logged into the UltraCart Merchant Portal, help options are available by clicking the Support link at the left of every page. Read Doc...

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