April 12, 2013
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Successful Site Redesign - Part 4: Images

The first step is to determine how the image is going to be used. For instance, a homepage banner image that is going to be a main feature on the site with bright colors and graphics will need to be a higher quality image then, say, a repeating background texture. Will your image have a lot of colors (a photograph) or will it have a limited pallet (a logo)? Will your icon or image live on a variety of colors of dynamic backgrounds?...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: String Query Call to Unlock Shopping Cart

New Feature: String Query Call to Unlock Shopping Cart Locked by Quote Feature. The quote feature locks the shopping cart until all cookies are cleared. It would be great if there was a string query call that would unlock the shopping cart.Read Post...

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Success Story:

Jesse Mecham - Founder of You Need A Budget: I have created the whole site using WordPress. (You could use Joomla or Drupal as well). I purchased a template to skin it, will not take credit for the design, but instead put a lot of effort on inserting nice 3d pictures of products.... View Interview

You Need a Budget
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Featured Integration: AWeber

You can quickly create and run your campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools. Whether you're looking to get your first campaign off the ground, or you're a seasoned veteran who wants to dig into advanced tools like detailed email web analytics, geo-targeting and broadcast split-testing, they've got just what you need to make email marketing work for you. AWeber Integration...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Configuration - Customer Service

This is how your customers will contact you. The information entered during your initial signup will appear here by default. If you prefer to use a different contact name, email or phone number, enter them on this screen. Click on the "Save" button when finished. If you have more than one Screen Branding Theme, separate Customer Service sections will appear on this screen to which you can configure.Read Doc...

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