April 04, 2013
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Shopping Carts that Entice Visitors to Buy

Today's ecommerce market provides a wide selection of goods and services. Unless an merchant has the benefit of an established brand presence, their products will be competing with hundreds and thousands of similar items. A merchant needs to build their business with a unique marketing strategy that promotes their remarkable services....

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer Forum:
UltraCart WordPress Help

I have created the whole site using WordPress. (You could use Joomla or Drupal as well). I purchased a template to skin it, will not take credit for the design, but instead put a lot of effort on inserting nice 3d pictures of products.... Visit Forum

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Featured Integration: Facebook

Whether you're a fan of the movie Social Network or not, you can't argue with the success of facebook.com Founder Mark Zuckerberg. His Harvard progeny is now powering over 800 million active users. Although there has not been a facebook App that can sell within facebook as of this writing, we can give you a better option anyway.....Setup your Fan Page with your UltraCart Shopping Cart's own facebook Store. Facebook Integration...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Order Management

One of UltraCart's most powerful features is its robust back office systems. The apex of this system is the Order Management section. The order management screen is divided into 2 sections: Order Life Cycle and Tools. Each section allows you to manage a particular piece of the back office process.Read Doc...

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Email still tops the list of whats most important with online users: http://docs.ultracart.com/display/Blog...

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UltraCart's eBay integration FTW! http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc...

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RevMountain is making some of our merchants VERY happy! http://www.ultracart.com/resources/inte...

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