March 31, 2014
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Setting up Google Analytics for Ecommerce

One of the benefits and challenges to using Google Analytics is the amazing number of options that you can choose for every possible scenario. So for the sake of brevity, lets concentrate on understanding how GA views ecommerce in the larger scheme of things and then focus on one priority which is tracking when customers get to your receipt page...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Third Party Auto-Responder

UltraCart has added support for several popular, 3rd party email marketing programs (auto responders). They each have different functionality so if you are not already using one of these services, consider browsing their web sites to help make your decision of which one to use.
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Currently the Merchant notes are associated with individual orders rather than the Customer. If I have a customer who has ordered eight times, there could be notes on any of those eight individual orders. A central Customer Information notes area would make it much easier to easily see all notes pertaining to the customer or their account in one location.
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UltraCart Newsletter

Coders Corner: Display both Item Count and Cart Total on Catalog

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog to conditionally show the item count and total of the customer cart . This velocity code example is intended to be used within the catalog templates section of UltraCart.
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UltraCart March 31
If you decide to move forward with a one-day deal site like Groupon, Living Social, etc, checkout our order importer.


This will make your life so much easier when it comes to getting orders from another system into UC.

UltraCart March 30
Last day of Q1-2014 is tomorrow. How are you doing on your goals so far this year? If you're hitting your KPI's, kudos! If you're not, what strategies can you implement? Upsell After? Coupons? Email Marketing?

UltraCart March 28
If you want to grow, look at others in your industry that are growing and do what they do. I can tell you that Enterprise Merchants in UltraCart are using SalesForce to power their CRM, if you want to be an Enterprise Merchant (150k+/mo) maybe you should check it out? http://www.salesforce.com/

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