March 29, 2013
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Shipping Secrets Every Online Merchant Should Know

Everyone dislikes shipping costs. Customers dislike it. Companies dislike it. Despite rising postal prices, most consumers expect shipping discounts or promotions when they make an online purchase. Dissatisfaction with shipping cost is one of the primary causes of shopping cart abandonment...

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Peer-to-Peer Forum:
Do you sell through Doba?

We are interested in finding out if a large number of you are using, or have interest in, selling product through doba. In theory we could automate the publishing of products to Doba, the receiving of orders, and the acknowledgment of shipping confirmations just like other channel partners like Amazon Seller Central. Visit Forum

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Featured Integration: SmartBargains.com

At SmartBargains.com, we believe there's an art to bargain shopping. And it doesn't involve rummaging through bargain bins or spending the whole weekend at the outlet mall. Here, you'll discover all your favorite brands at smart low prices, ready whenever you want to shop. SmartBargins.com...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Adding the BuySAFE Seal to your Website

When you signup for buySAFE you can decide what kind of seals you want to show to your customers on your cart pages. BuySAFE gives you a number of options in regards to how you want to show your customers their options to use BuySAFE.Read Doc...

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RevMountain is making some of our merchants VERY happy! http://www.ultracart.com/resources/inte...

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