March 17, 2014
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Google Analytics in UltraCart

If you are new to using Google Analytics for tracking your website traffic its a lot like reading a financial prospectus from a foreign country. There are a lot of charts, graphs, symbols and words that do not make sense and even though you have the idea that you’re reading it right and everything looks good, you probably wouldn’t invest in it.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Testimonial: ViewGuard

UltraCart can be as complex as you want it to be and there are often little tricks you can implement on the configuration side to do just about anything. It usually requires you to think outside the box. Using Trustfax as an email-to-fax solution has been a great timesaver for us.
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Docs: Infusionsoft

UltraCart provides free integration to Infusionsoft to cascade Contacts, Orders/Invoices, and Shipping information. This includes mapping order and shipping information to custom fields you may have configured in your Infusionsoft account.
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Wishlist Member Post Processors

I just placed an order through my ultracart and that page that refreshes every 3 seconds while the order is processing must have refreshed for 20-30 seconds. Any ideas what could cause such a large processing time?
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Coders Corner: Display Item Count Conditional

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog to conditionally show the item count and total of the customer cart . This velocity code example is intended to be used within the catalog templates section of UltraCart.
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UltraCart March 13
Watching some of our enterprise merchants just killing it with their affiliate networks. Here's how to track sales with our affiliate network pixel config tutorial:


UltraCart March 12
If you would like to have the option to send some of your customers to a single page checkout and some of your customers to a standard checkout, checkout the "Force to Single Page Checkout" area here: http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Parameters+that+can+be+passed+to+UCEditor

UltraCart March 11
Every so often I have the opportunity to jump on one of the Support calls. On this particular occasion I had to apologize for an almost 4 minute wait time. However later in the day a merchant called to tell me that he was on hold for one of our competitors for over an hour and a half! I still feel sorry about the 4 minute hold though.

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