March 08, 2013
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Successful Site Redesign - Part 3: Blueprints

This phase of the design process equates to creating architectural sketches, renders, and artwork for your website. For instance, the renders give builders a visual reference point for the final product. The more detailed and specific the architectural renders are the less time the contractors will spend trying to make decisions and asking questions about the building.

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Merchant Interview: MedSlant

MedSlant - Adele Camens: When we started MedSlant 13 years ago a son of a friend setup our first website and shopping cart. That lasted 2 years and since he was doing this on the side I needed to get a real webmaster and she said the first thing we needed was a real shopping cart. She did a market analysis and said Ultra Cart was the best by far: it was an excellent decision. View Full Interview...

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Peer-to-Peer Forum:
editable checkout text

So, most checkout text is editable at Configuration > Checkout Text, but I'm getting a message that I want to modify, but I don't see it anywhere in the Checkout Text page. Here is what I want to modify: Visit Forum

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Featured Integration: RevMountain

RevMountain is your go-to source of various data monetization opportunities including order confirmations, partials and list management. We're also the home of ROIRunner - the smartest ad serve engine around! RevMountain...

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Docs: URI Mapping

Moving your website over to UltraCart and using the Catalog to power your entire online presence could mean you're a genius, and as a genius you have a few significant decisions that need to be considered before you can just repoint your Domain Name Servers (DNS) and "go live". Read Doc...

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