February 15, 2013
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Importing Orders to UltraCart

There are many situations where a third-party would like to import items from their system into UltraCart, for example; any Call Center that is not currently integrated, or any marketing platform that is taking orders outside of UltraCart for you. These parties will want to seamlessly get those orders into UltraCart without having to manually input them.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Partner Interview:

Gracie Academy - Eric Somodio: The most impact would have to be since the inception of our catalog site. A big impact on functionality is the drop down variations, as well as, the review features. We attract clients through networking.View Full Interview...

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Peer-to-Peer Forum

I'd like to offer an installment payment option on one of my items - Basically pay in full for 109.95 or 3 paymts billed at 39.95 [1st pymt on checkout, next 2 in the next 30 and 60 days] - looked through the documentation and couldn't find a set up on that... any ideas? Visit Forum

UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Partner: PeriShip

PeriShip: If you have perishable shipping products and you use Fedex, UltraCart has a great integration partner for you called Periship. PeriShip is a company whose major purpose is the shipping of perishable goods with Fedex. They know the issues that perishable food shipping companies deal with on a day-to-day basis. PeriShip...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: UltraBooks

UltraBooks allows UltraCart merchants to import data directly to QuickBooks™ software. There's no need to deal with file formats and data conversion as UltraBooks does it all for you. Once configuration steps are complete, merchants simply run UltraBooks and it handles all the communication and importing between UltraCart and QuickBooks™. Read Doc...

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