February 07, 2014
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The alchemist sits down to create a potion for the perfect business. In doing so he must consider the massive amount of ingredients and the complexity in balancing them. Getting the perfect combination of ingredients is a complicated process further evidenced by the massive number of businesses that fail every year. Some of the ingredients themselves are so integral to the success of your small business that without them you would not have a business. One extremely important ingredient is your customer. View Post...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Partner: Office Auto Pilot

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Encourage Customer Reviews

This tutorial assumes a familiarity with the UltraCart Autoresponder. The steps listed below will mention briefly any step that contains routine details. See the UC Manual for specifics on those steps and post to the forums any problems.
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Customs invoice

We regularly ship outside of USA, and thus need to include a commercial invoice with the shipment that shows the Harmonized (HS) Code, customs description, country of origin, etc. Only some of this information appears to be associated with the Item's definition in Ultracart, and none of the information appears on the standard Invoice. Has anyone found a clever way to get Ultracart to provide the commercial invoice automatically, or are you having to write a duplicate invoice by hand?
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Coders Corner: Conditional Receipt

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your receipt screen branding to conditionally show some content when an item contains a certain attribute value. This velocity code example is intended to be used on the Receipt screen branding.
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UltraCart February 6
I overheard a Sr. Engineer saying that Mailchimp 360 is around the corner. After a quick google search I found out that its a way for an ecommerce platform to share information about purchasing behavior with mailchimp. I'll post here if/when its in production.

UltraCart February 4
Just heard from a merchant that didn't realize he could hire our Pro Services Team to build is website, so I'm here to tell you YOU CAN!!! They can help with pretty much anything involving online business. From building website/ecommerce platforms to setting up accounts and testing your systems. Simply call into sales 209.383.9870 x2 or email into proservices@ultracart.com. https://www.ultracart.com/services/

UltraCart January 30
The world is full of great products, so when a customer is left with an option to repeat an earlier purchase they will base their decision on their experience with your company. Let them help others find your company by adding reviews to your products: http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Configuring+Item+Reviews

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