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January 21, 2014
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Looking Forward

Last week we talked about taking time to look back at your goals for 2013. If you took the time to write down what your goals were and how you did on them, you’re ahead of the game. Knowing not only what you had planned to do in 2013 that did or did not get finished, but also having a set of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will help to show how well you did. Using these measures we can then work towards setting up some goals to start working toward in 2014. View Post...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Partner: PeriShip

PeriShip: If you have perishable shipping products and you use Fedex, UltraCart has a great integration partner for you called Periship. PeriShip is a company whose major purpose is the shipping of perishable goods with Fedex. They know the issues that perishable food shipping companies deal with on a day-to-day basis. PeriShip

UltraCart Newsletter

Multi Currency

Multi-Currency configuration allows the customer to change their shopping cart into their native currency via a hyperlink displayed in the shopping cart table. View Docs...

UltraCart Newsletter

Refund for Amazon

The refund button does not work for amazon orders. SO once we go to seller central to do a refund or edit of order then what? How can the sales receipt in UC be edited to match it? View Post...

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UltraCart January 16
If you're Norwegian, we got cause for you to celebrate.......UltraCart now supports NOK (Norwegian Kroner)! Hooray!

UltraCart January 15
I try to follow CES every year just to stay in the loop on the geek horizon. There were the typical new TVs, computers, loads of wearables and more fitness stuff than usual, but I didn't see anything newsworthy. Was there anything there that you would consider a "game-changer" or a disruptive technology?

UltraCart January 14
Thanks to our friends at Coinbase, you can now accept Bitcoin payments quickly & easily, with no volatility risk, in your UltraCart account! Accepting Bitcoin Payments with Coinbase

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