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January 11, 2013
UltraCart Newsletter

Welcome to 2013 from UltraCart

We hope you and your family had a wonderful and safe holiday season. We look forward to helping you dominate your industry in 2013!

In this week's newsletter we would like to highlight a blog post and an exclusive coupon from our friends over at Casauri, an interview with HobbyZone (an awesome long time merchant), Office AutoPilot, and our brand spanking new OTP token.

Casauri Coupon
UltraCart Newsletter

Guest Blog: How to Select a Credit Card Merchant Account and Payment Gateway

A few months ago I sent out an email inquiry to various people asking advice on selecting a credit card payment gateway. I received a flurry of responses and recommendations and requests to share this information. Once I started researching the various suggestions, I soon realized that I was embarking on an adventure that would lead me to make a lot of changes in my business and quickly. Read Post...

UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Merchant

HobbyZone: We have benefitted from many UltraCart features and enhancements as we've grown. UltraCart has enabled us to stay on the leading edge both in basic operations processes and in market-competitive functionality. View Merchant...

UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Partner

Office Auto Pilot: By integrating your contact management, payment processing, automated marketing, task management, affiliate management (and much more) OfficeAutopilot makes an otherwise tangled mess of technology into a simple and powerful platform that's built for your growth. View Partner...

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: OTP Token

UltraCart supports two factor authentication on your UltraCart account to enhance the security of your account. Two factor authentication means you have something you know (your regular password) and something you have (the token on your phone that is generating the one time password). Previously UltraCart used physical tokens from CryptoCard (deprecated) and our own OTP application for Android (deprecated), but has now standardized on the open source project Google Authenticator that is available for all the major mobile phone platforms. Read Doc...

UltraCart Newsletter

Back End Order Entry (BEOE)

When someone call in or walks in we use back order entry to enter their order.One struggle is if it is a repeat custome.We need it to re-populate the fields once we enter their name or email if they are in the system. View Thread...

UltraCart 08 Jan
Emily McHugh from http://Casauri.com 's generous coupon and instructions on choosing a payment gateway. http://docs.ultracart.com/blog/Blog

UltraCart 02 Jan
Many of our top 100 merchants use ASC, so I wonder who is considering using Amazon Seller Central's integration with UltraCart this year?

UltraCart 28 Dec
Learn more about Fraud Prevention through BIN Validation.... http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/BIN+Validation

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