January 10, 2014
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Get a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card

Enable Amazon Payments on your store by January 31, 2014 and receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card. See Terms and Conditions.

With the Amazon Payments feature for UltraCart, you can allow millions of Amazon customers to pay on your site using the information already stored in their Amazon account. It's fast, easy and secure and helps you add new customers, increase sales, and reduce fraud costs. Leverage the trust of Amazon to grow your business. With UltraCart, enabling Amazon Payments is quick and easy. Find Out More...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Looking back on 2013

I had originally planned on writing an article about all the exciting things going on in ecommerce as we enter 2014, but I’m going to wait on that one because we need to look back before we look forward. View Post...

UltraCart Newsletter

Case Management

Case Management is a feature that allows you to have a customer initiated conversation about an order. It is a rather large submit, so it has its own page including setup. Please refer to the Case Management page for instructions. View Docs...

UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: Bitcoin

I would like to see an option for bitcoin, even an interim setup like the PO system, click the "pay with bitcoin" button and get an instruction screen stating "we will email you the address to send your bitcoins, or send a request (depending on the BTC wallet you can do that) View Post...

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UltraCart January 10
If you're considering adding a new marketplace for your products, you can easily add one or all of our integrated partners: Amazon, eBay, Buy.com, OverStock.com, SkyMall, SmartBargains/RueLaLa, EDI or add your own marketplace with a Custom Generic Integration.


UltraCart January 08
Ready for taxes? UltraBooks is the connector for your UltraCart account and QuickBooks. Its free. It will help to take the craziness out of tax time if not for this year, then for next year. Take some time, set it up or pay someone to set it up for you, and use it. Next year the stress of taxes will be eliminated or highly diminished. Did I mention its Free?

UltraCart January 3
There is no shortcut to success folks. If you put together a good product that fills a need for customers and give them access to it, it will grow itself. We have had customers that pushed the envelope get blacklisted from search engines before, its never pretty. http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/03/when-growth-hacking-goes-bad/

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