January 08, 2014
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Stress-Free Taxes

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as stress free taxes. Its just one of those times of year when you want to find a rock, hole, or bush in which to hide and hope that it passes you by, but unfortunately not only does it never pass us by, it keeps coming back every year!

So in order for us to have the least amount of stress possible during tax time I’m going to recommend you take a few minutes to consider the following(while keeping a good sense of humour).

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Quickbooks Merchant Services
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Many online merchants use Intuits industry leading QuickBooks™accounting software to maintain their company books. UltraCart has enhanced support for Merchants using QuickBooks™ with the addition of our QuickBooks™ integration tool called UltraBooks. View Docs...

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Refund Amazon Orders

How can the sales receipt in UC be edited to match it? And if it is after the order is shipped how is Quickbooks updated of the UC change? View Post...

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UltraCart January 08
Ready for taxes? UltraBooks is the connector for your UltraCart account and QuickBooks. Its free. It will help to take the craziness out of tax time if not for this year, then for next year. Take some time, set it up or pay someone to set it up for you, and use it. Next year the stress of taxes will be eliminated or highly diminished. Did I mention its Free?

UltraCart January 3
There is no shortcut to success folks. If you put together a good product that fills a need for customers and give them access to it, it will grow itself. We have had customers that pushed the envelope get blacklisted from search engines before, its never pretty. http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/03/when-growth-hacking-goes-bad/

UltraCart January 02
Happy New Year!
Coming back after a long break is both daunting and refreshing! I'm putting together the next few newsletters with reflections on 2013, planning for 2014, and some more holiday focused stuff. Stay tuned.....

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