November 05, 2013
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Blog: 5,4,3,2,1.....Black Friday!

You know its coming. It comes every year. Other merchants are ready for it, are you? I’m not, I hate Black Friday. In my mind Black Friday is for crazy people that assume the risk of getting trampled to death by other crazy people for a few dollars saved on junk they will throw away in a few years or less, but to each their own.
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UltraCart and SalesForce
UltraCart Newsletter

Gift Certificates

UltraCart's Gift Certificate function provides you with the ability to create and sell gift certificates, as both an item gift certificates that can be sold or an on demand gift certificates that you can create when needed. View Docs...

UltraCart Newsletter

New Feature: Generate RMA Number and Insert into RMA Field

Javascript call that would take the data entered into a input box and check that order number against the order/ship date and a merchant configurable allowable date range for returns/exchanges (let's say 28 days) and if within the range then Ultracart would spit out an RMA number and insert it into the Order RMA field.... View Post...

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UltraCart October 25
Whats on Page 1 of the Item Tab? Lots of stuff! http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Item+Tab

UltraCart October 24
I was talking to a merchant the other day that had a few products that were no longer permitted into a particular country. That's not a problem in UltraCart, simply choose the shipping tab on those products and select the country it can't ship to in Destination Restrictions.

UltraCart October 23
Getting Ready for Holiday Sales - Make sure you're helping your customers to buy, not bounce! https://www.ultracart.com/email/10-22-13.html

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