October 25, 2013
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Blog: Holiday Checklist #1

As we head into the busy holiday buying season its a good idea to check/change a few things before the heavy sales hit.
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71 Pounds
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Item Tab

In this section you enter all the particular information that describes the item and establishes handling characteristics. Each item field is described in the linked document. View Docs...

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Multiple Items To Cart

I have one product that has variations of metal type, and one of those metal types has color options. I need wholesale customers to be able to go down a list and choose the variations and add quantities of each style with one add to cart button on the bottom... View Post...

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UltraCart October 15
I was talking to a merchant the other day that had a few products that were no longer permitted into a particular country. That's not a problem in UltraCart, simply choose the shipping tab on those products and select the country it can't ship to in Destination Restrictions.

UltraCart October 21
Getting ready for Holiday Sales, start by simplifying the buying process. Here are 4 easy steps.http://docs.ultracart.com/display/Blog/2013/10/21/Simplify+the+buying+process+-+4+simple+steps

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