September 24, 2013
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Blog: Switching Shopping Carts

There are a plethora of reasons to switch your shopping cart to UltraCart, but for the sake of brevity in this article we’ll focus on what you need to do to get information from another platform into UltraCart...
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Featured Partner: Office Auto Pilot

Office Auto Pilot: By integrating your contact management, payment processing, automated marketing, task management, affiliate management (and much more) OfficeAutopilot makes an otherwise tangled mess of technology into a simple and powerful platform that's built for your growth. Office Auto Pilot...

UltraCart Newsletter

Configuring Case Relationships

Case Relationships were introduced to the UltraCart system in June, 2011. A merchant wanted a wholesale site with the ability to order single, cases, and master cases of items. Case Relationships provides the glue to make that happen. They tie together products packages so the UltraCart system can optimize each order giving a customer the best price possible. View Docs...

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UltraCart September 19
Do you have a facebook store? Shouldn't you?........its Free! http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Facebook

UltraCart September 17
Just got off a call with PayPal they thanked us for the nice write-up in last week's newsletter which was nice. But you know whats nicer? They shared a mind-boggling statistic that conversion percentages have been shown to increase an average of 18% when using PayPal Express Checkout. Mind Blown!

UltraCart September 11
UltraCart welcomes Dwolla to the platform. http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Dwolla Stay tuned as we have an interview with Brian Kil - Biz Dev - coming out this week too!

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