July 19, 2013
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Docs: Abandoned Lead Capture

Sometimes customers will leave the cart intentionally or by accident and return later. This feature allows merchants to set the length of time that the shopping cart will "hold" an item or items if and when a customer abandons the cart.
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Featured Partner: Tribal Core

Tribal Core: We first met Tribal Core while searching for a company that could help one of our merchants create a complicated funnel in Google Analytics. The merchant only came to us after many other companies tried unsuccessfully to get it to work. Tribal Core was able to get the job done right the first time.

Since then we've recommended numerous companies to Tribal Core with the same result, success. So we can wholeheartedly recommend our friends at Tribal Core for your Google Analytics needs. Tribal Core...

UltraCart Newsletter

Merchant: Simple Peace

Even though I started in 2007 I didn't really take it that seriously because it was just for me and I only made my own bags. Then everyone liked them and said I should make them and everyone wanted to buy them and so I just did it for friends/family. Then the Martha Steward thing just came out of the blue and since I was recognized it gave me that kind of "you've made it" feeling because she is the guru of finding unique things.
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Docs: Back End Order Entry (V2)

The Back End Order Entry (referred to as BEOE hereafter) is a web application allowing merchants to enter orders for customers. It is commonly used for phone and email orders and is popular among call centers.Read Docs...

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