July 03, 2014
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Acting Like a Newbie

If you ever watched Columbo on TV you'll understand how to act like a newbie. If you're not familiar with Columbo, he's a very clever and observant detective that often acts as if he doesn't understand what is going on around him. In this way as he asks questions and pretends to learn everything anew he is able to gain a much deeper level of perspective from the other person. Often he is able to win his cases simply by how the person explained something to him. We can all take a lesson from det. Columbo, we should start acting like newbies. How do we know if we're acting like a newbie. The answer to that question is the goal of this article.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Adding a .pdf file to every digitial download

How can we add the same pdf document to all of our digital products? Is there an easy way to do this globally? Yes. The Batch Item Import makes this easy. Here are the steps.
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UltraCart June 25
So one of my mentors has a saying that has always proven relevant, "You don't know what you don't know."
One of the takeaways for me is to try to be humble and open in all circumstances and to listen instead of talking.

UltraCart June 23
Got an update from one of our merchants who said that even though his SEO company was not able to adequately increase visits to his website that regularly updating his social networks has done a great job of getting more traffic. More research to be done for sure, but more visits for small time investment sounds promising...

UltraCart June 18
Buddy of mine said that starting with the end in mind is good, but starting with an exit strategy is better. What do you think?

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