June 28, 2013
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Blog: Balance

Here's the thing, I'm really just frustrated with the "idea" of controlling the balance that exists in one's life. I say "idea" because it gets thrown around like its some sort of ideal that everyone should strive for in their life. There are countless books, gurus, whole religions, and basically everyone that has bought into this insane idea of balance that will tell you to aim for it. You can drink the kool-aid, then spend your entire life setting up systems to help you achieve balance, and at the end of your life you might even feel great about your lifelong pursuit of balance.
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Peer-to-Peer: call images based on item_number + .jpg?

I currently use the default multimedia for my item's main image, and the code 'thumb' to call the thumbnail image. On some items I also have an alternate image (or two) that rotates through when clicked.

my problem is, when I add several products by spreadsheet upload, then FTP the images, I have to go through each product, one-by-one to re-select the default (FTP sometimes puts the thumbnail in first, which makes it default) and add the 'thumb' and 'alt' codes to the secondary images.
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Docs: Abandoned Cart Follow-up

Abandoned Cart and Never Ordered? Send an Email! If the customer abandoned the shopping cart and they have never ordered from us before, then send them an email one week later.
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