June 11, 2014
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Winning for Tomorrow

We are all about to hit the halfway mark for the year. Time for a quick review on your yearly goals and how you are progressing.

One of my main goals in 2014 is to help new merchants use UltraCart.

Its been a challenge for me. Over the past few months I have spent the majority of my time working with our 30-day trial base of prospective customers. I wanted to find out why some prospects did not choose to stay with UltraCart, although in hindsight I already had that information. We have been collecting it for years in our cancellation questionnaire. The reasons people don't convert are the same reason they leave. So the last few months that I've spent working long hours and trying to connect with prospects (that often times do not want to be bothered), may not have been the best use of my time, hindsight is 20/20. In the meantime I'm having to regroup and reformulate my strategy.

You see I know something that our prospective merchants do not. UltraCart is the best ecommerce platform in the marketplace.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Checkout Options Tab

The checkout options tab allows you to specify what shipping options you want to enable during the checkout process. To activate one of the features (each are explained below) place a check mark to the left of your choices.
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Partner: PeriShip

PeriShip: If you have perishable shipping products and you use Fedex, UltraCart has a great integration partner for you called Periship. PeriShip is a company whose major purpose is the shipping of perishable goods with Fedex. They know the issues that perishable food shipping companies deal with on a day-to-day basis.

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Testimonial: Ian Brodie

The UltraCart folks are, well, "ultra responsive". A couple of weeks ago Office Autopilot introduced a new affiliate tracking pixel feature which I tried to implement but failed due to my lack of programming knowledge. Not only did the UltraCart team sort it out for me - they even added options to UltraCart to make it easy for everyone to use the new feature by just setting one field in a form rather than doing all the technical stuff.
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Coders Corner: Velocity Coding Example - Use Multiple Item Templates

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog to use more then one item template for your add to cart buttons . This velocity code example is intended to be used within the catalog templates section of UltraCart.
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UltraCart June 10
Is facebook a waste of time for our businesses now?

I'm doing a test of the new and improved "organic people that are reached". Since fb doesn't tell us who was "served" this post, please reply or like this if you see it so I can evaluate our "reach".

Thanks in advance for your help.

UltraCart June 6
Putting this little nugget from Steve Jobs in the blog, "You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

UltraCart June 3

As our developers steam roll BUC into existence, our document writers are struggling to update docs.ultracart.com. If you see any docs that are out of date please let us know via - support@ultracart.com with a link to the page that needs updating. We want to make sure we take care of whats important to our valued merchants first!

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