June 07, 2013
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Icon Design: A Thoughtful Approach (Part 1)

If you take a moment to look around you, I am sure you will be able to spot an icon or two. Everywhere we go, there are icons surrounding us, although we may not recognize them by that name. From the little man that tells us it is ok to walk to the monitor's on/off button in front of me, these are all icons.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: Support for Dwolla payment

I hate seeing 3-5% of my revenue skimmed off the top. I hope other merchants will get behind Dwolla's new network and payment structure, and thereby help put some pressure on Paypal and the other big boys.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Packing Slips

Typically, the default margins are perfectly acceptable unless the merchant is printing the packing slips on business letterhead that has logos that do not fit in the margins. Read Doc...

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