May 19, 2014
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Small Business Week is over... or is it

Unlike most holidays that Hallmark created so they could sell more cards, Small Business Week is a whole week dedicated to the organizations that form the backbone of our entire economy. That's right, your business is not only a vital part of improving your income, but also the whole economy of the United States of America! Great job!

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UltraCart and Amazon
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Docs: Using Affiliate Creatives

This tutorial covers creating a creative (that sounded funny) and how an affiliate would use it. You must be signed up to use the UltraCart Affiliate system. It's free, but there's a user agreement to sign. The Affiliate User Guide has details on doing this.
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Laurie Mellott - Reflect Sports

What is your favorite thing about UltraCart?
Now that we're back we realize how much we took for granted before we left. Not all shopping carts are created equal... Lets see, we love the Back End Order Entry, it gives us the ability to take a phone order from a retailer or a customer and then immediately sends that over to our warehouse to fulfill the order.
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From the example, it appears that the dimensional weight will be (LxWxH)/166 with the dimensions being inches and the calculated weight being pounds. So a 12x12x12 box will be rated as 10.4 pounds. Good news for those shipping heavy, dense things. Bad news for those shipping light fluffy things. It's time to start investigating smaller shipping cartons, and maybe start checking out Priority Mail options.
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Coders Corner: Group Navigation

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog to create a item level navigation / menu based on a catalog group for Products. This velocity code example is intended to be used with the Catalog templates:
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UltraCart May 15
Still time to get free payments processing in our @AmazonPayments Small Business Week offer! Learn more:


UltraCart May 15
Don't miss out on the newsletter that went out or the update to new UI (aka BUC): https://www.ultracart.com/email/ui-update-01.html

UltraCart May 14

These guys do a much better job of explaining this than I could, and it gives an in-depth look at what our design team has to tackle even on the simplest logos, take a look:


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