March 14, 2014
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Amazon Payments + UltraCart Small Business Week Offer

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Amazon Payments to bring you a special Small Business Week offer. From May 12-May 16, the first 150 UltraCart merchants to register for Amazon Payments' Pay with Amazon using our designated registration link are eligible to receive free payment processing (up to the first $10,000 in transactions). Restrictions apply.

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UltraCart and SalesForce
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Docs: Amazon Seller Central

The Amazon Seller Central channel partner allows you to have your orders for Amazon automatically flow down into UltraCart and the corresponding tracking and inventory information flow back up to Amazon. This greatly simplifies your interaction with the Amazon marketplace because it allows your shipping department to interact with all orders in a uniform fashion.
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Partner Interview: Gracie Academy

Gracie Academy - Eric Somodio: The most impact would have to be since the inception of our catalog site. A big impact on functionality is the drop down variations, as well as, the review features. We attract clients through networking.
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Hold receipt until payment processes

I had all of my items in a folder called variations so decided to rename that folder to be closer to the description of what is in there... renamed to 'Wheels' Now all the items have disappeared however if I do a search the items are still there in a folder called 'Wheels'... I tried to go back to 'variations' but the items are still not appearing anywhere.
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UltraCart May 14
Happy Small Business Week! You're going to be seeing a lot of Amazon this week because they came up with a terrific Small Business Week offer for you and you only 2 more days to take advantage of it!


UltraCart May 9
Instituted some RMA functions. There is now a field for RMA in orders, and in Order Management there is a filter field so you can search by RMA.

UltraCart May 8

Are you growing your customer list?

Do you need to launch some different auto-responder campaigns?

Have you checked in with your customers lately?

Its only 6 months until the holiday buying season, things move fast, are you prepared?

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