May 13, 2013
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Bill Me Later

It looks and feels just like any PayPal payment, there is nothing different for you as a store owner. The customer/PayPal relationship is where all the difference are, but you the merchant are paid in full just as if the customer paid with their credit card. Bill Me Later allows your customers to purchase a product in a 6 month, no interest and no payments scenario as long as the transaction is over $99.

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UltraCart Newsletter

Peer-to-Peer: Bill Me Later

The engineers have added a new button to Hide Bill Me Later. It is located in: Login->Configuration->Payments->Paypal click on advanced options and check the box beside Hide Bill Me Later. Read Post...

UltraCart Newsletter


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UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Channel Partner API

The UltraCart channel partner API allows merchants to import orders into the UltraCart system from channels that we are not directly integrated into. For example if you are a call center that wants to take orders and send them into an UltraCart account you could use the Channel Partner API. Read Doc...

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