March 24, 2014
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Game On! Ecommerce Style

Last week UltraCart’s CEO sent me a picture of one of his kids with a book that one of the grandparents had bough from a new UltraCart merchant, Lollipop Seeds. Cherri is not just an author, she is part of a new generation of authors pioneering a genre of book that is gaming the book world. Yes, gaming the book world...

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UltraCart Newsletter

Featured Partner: Ontraport

ONTRAPORT is an all-in-one SAAS solution that helps small to medium sized businesses start, systemize and scale by streamlining their marketing and business operations. Soooo how much time do you have right now? Our feature list is exhaustive!

UltraCart Newsletter

Docs: Credit Card Processing Transaction Gateway Integration list

UltraCarts full list of credit card transaction gateways and the integrated functionality associated with each.
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UltraCart Newsletter

Coders Corner: Display Cart Total Conditional

This tutorial shows how to use Velocity code on your catalog to conditionally show the item count and total of the customer cart . This velocity code example is intended to be used within the catalog templates section of UltraCart.
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UltraCart Newsletter Archive

UltraCart March 21
Had a caller ask me what payment processors we are integrated with, in case anyone needs to know:


UltraCart March 19
Two weeks ago I mentioned in an article that our peer to peer forum employed gamification. http://docs.ultracart.com/display/ucdoc/Peer-to-Peer+Forums

UltraCart March 18
What is UltraCart's Partner Finder? Its an UltraCart service where you request our integrated and recommended partners to contact you with offers for their services. Its still in the Beta stage with just fulfillment and merchant accounts now, but you can check it out. Its in the configuration area of your UltraCart account.

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