Why settle for a cart that requires a Ph.D. to set up and maintain? Or a cart that cannot meet your e-business demands? UltraCart offers the industry's most robust and flexible e-business platform, with setup and maintenance that is a breeze.


UltraCart is FREE for 30 days from the date you complete the signup (including FREE phone and email support).  Activation is automatic after the 30-day FREE trial.  Although you can enter your billing credit card anytime you wish, you must have it on file by the end of the 30 days or your account will automatically close.


UltraCart makes setting up your store fast and easy! Simply fill-in the information in the one-screen Stetup Wizard and your store will be operational.   Sure, there are a lot of other features and additional information about your store that you can and will configure later on. But the wizard will cover the basics to get you started selling right away! The following will be addressed in the Wizard:


  • Merchant ID - used to identify your store to the UltraCart system.
  • Administrator - username, login, and password for the administrator account.
  • Company - Company name, URL to your website and contact information.
  • Taxes - State Sales Tax Rate.
  • Payments - type of payments would you like to accept.
  • Shipping - from where and what method.
  • Store Items - ID (SKU), Cost, Weight and Description