Welcome to the UltraCart Affiliate Program!

Are you a fan of UltraCart? Now you can make money telling others about us! Best of all, we offer generous revenue-sharing, a liberal 30 day cookie lifetime, and up to 3 down-line tiers. Put these together, and you have one of the hottest e-commerce affiliate programs online!

How It Works

The UltraCart affiliate program is as easy to use as UltraCart itself! Simply sign up online, and visit our Affiliate Dashboard. From there, you can create any number of affiliate links for your use. Simply signup customers through your links and receive recurring commissions!

You can also recruit other affiliates, and each time they refer a customer, YOU earn residual revenue!

Payment Schedule

So you're probably wondering "How Much?" The answer may surprise you!

As an affiliate, your commission will be based upon the customers that are referred to (and sign up with) the UltraCart service.

  Affiliate Commission
For each customer you introduce to us 20% of UltraCart's basic service fees for 12 months
For each customer your second tier introduces to us 5% of UltraCart's basic service fees for 24 months
For each customer your third tier introduces to us 2% of UltraCart's basic service fees for 36 months
For each customer your fourth tier introduces to us 1% of UltraCart's basic service fees for 48 months

The UltraCart basic service fee that a merchant pays is determined by the number of items for sale. Here is a breakdown of the different service plans pricing and the lifetime value to an affiliate:

 Lifetime Commission Maximum Value
 Items for Sale / Monthly Revenue
Service Fee
 1st Tier
2nd Tier
3rd Tier
4th Tier
 0 to 250 items / $0 to $50,000 $49.95/month
 $119.88 $59.95
 251 to 500 items /$50,001 to $70,000
 $167.88  $83.94  $50.35  $33.57
 501 to 1000 items / $70,001 to $100,000  $104.95/month  $251.88  $125.94  $75.56  $50.37
 1001 to 5000 items / $100,001 to $150,000
 $154.95/month  $371.88  $185.94  $111.56  $74.37

This can really add up!

Commissions are paid on the first of each month to your PayPal account for balances of at least $50.00. No waiting for checks in the mail and having to cash them at the bank.

Features Without Complexity

You can use our sophisticated dashboard to quickly see the results of your marketing efforts. View clicks, conversions, and commissions with our reporting system. Export your reporting data in CSV format to perform your own analysis. Your links can contain sub-ids, JavaScript conversion snippets, and we even support naked linking!

Need help? That is why we're here. We offer our partners gold-level support via telephone and e-mail. Don't settle for a partner program that provides you with less than stellar support.