When the founders of Soft (softclothing.net) decided to take their revolutionary clothing online, their research brought them to UltraCart.

A number of their challenges were solved just by choosing UltraCart. Some of their many requirements:

  • B2C - Selling direct to Consumers
  • B2B - Selling to other Businesses for resale
  • B2D - Selling to Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Social Network Accessibility
  • Fulfillment Integration
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Internal Auto-Responder
  • Internal Professional Services Team
  • Knowledgeable Phone Support

When Jessica (co-founder) discovered UltraCart met all her requirements and had a knowledgeable, talented staff that was also fun to work with, she had a hard time overcoming her doubt.

"When you are a small start up, the companies and individuals you choose to work with to help build the infrastructure of your company are crucial to your success. It is so rare that you find both competence and real friendliness. I look forward to my calls to UltraCart. They have offered expert advice that has resulted in real success for my business. They continue to give me much more than I expect in terms of customer service, guidance, and continued support maintaining and expanding the site they helped build."Jessica Ralli, Soft Co-founder and Director

"When I first spoke with Jessica she was both hesitant and expectant. She had researched many of the advertised carts online and discovered that they fell short in some way that was too important to her to overlook. After we had talked for a while about the robust features of UltraCart she began to relax and let me know she was relieved to be done with her search and onto UltraCart." R.J. VP Sales & Marketing

Phase 1 - Design

SOFT's project began with a number of calls from the Professional Services Team at UltraCart. First to look through her design and consult with her on the many ways it could be improved to increase ease of use and intuitive navigation for new customers. Then to submit some initial designs based on her originals with the new ideas. Once Jessica's sign-off on the design was received the Professional Services Team went to work fulfilling the functional requirements of the project.

"Their products are innovative and revolutionary for their industry and UltraCart wanted to provide them with a website/product catalog to match." R.J.

Phase 2 - Coding

UC Pro Services used a combination of html, CSS, JavaScript, Velocity, and UltraCart's dynamic CMS to render SOFT's customers an experience that has no boundaries. Written with the business cycle in mind, UltraCart made sure that Julie could easily use the Dynamic Edit Panel to make changes to her content, pictures, pricing, etc. This allowed SOFT to quickly take ownership of their new site both feeling in control of their businesses destiny and saving them website developer's fees in the long-run.

Phase 3 - Handoff

Since UC Pro Services hand codes all custom projects, SOFT was given a final project that met WC3 validation and therefore provided good Search Engine Optimization immediately. A number of follow-up training calls were held to make sure that Julie was able to use her new Website and Product Catalog easily.

Phase 4 - After the project

When Soft came back a month later to incorporate some new ideas and innovations to their website, UltraCart was there to provide more help and expertise. A year later Soft decided to incorporate a more streamlined ordering process for their Wholesalers and Distributors, and again UltraCart.com delivered the important project on-time and within budget.

"We choose to look at our merchants as partners so we are communicating to them that their success and our success are tied. It makes for a more cohesive relationship and helps us to be genuinely concerned with how our merchants are fairing in the Wild Wild West of online sales." R.J.

For More Information

To learn more about Soft, please visit their website. To contact UltraCart Professional Services, please visit our Contact Us page.