About Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company

Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company was created in 1996 by University of Washington Alumni Jeff Babcock as an alternative to the hurried atmosphere associated with many chain coffeehouses.  Focusing on the local community, Zoka has quickly become a Seattle favorite.

Seamless Look & Feel

For Zoka, it is important that the quality and uniqueness of their coffee be matched by the uniqueness and quality of their brand and imaging.  With many other shopping carts, it is simply impossible to match a desired branding theme without resorting to an expensive and custom e-commerce implementation.  Using UltraCart's advanced templating and skinnable checkout, Zoka customers are seamlessly transferred from the main site to the secure checkout without any loss in continuity.

Quick & Error Free Shipping

Fulfilling a large number of orders quickly and accurately is a key goal for Zoka coffee.  Customers expect timely shipping of their orders, and have come to expect that their orders will be as accurate as they are fresh.  Zoka utilizes the custom UltraShip application to quickly and accurately expedite their packaging and shipping operations.  Using UltraShip, Zoka is able to seamlessly integrate order retrieval, shipper and postage generation, as well as order notifications all from a single, easy-to-use application.

Integrated Quickbooks Support

Like many online retailers, Zoka utilizes Quickbooks accounting software.  Using the UltraBooks application, which is included free with each UltraCart account, Zoka can automatically import customer data, invoices, sales data, and move directly from UltraCart into Quickbooks at a single click of a mouse.  This automatic process reduces labor costs, eliminates double-entry, and allows Zoka to continue to use the software and processes already familiar to their employees.

Shipping & Delivery Date Restrictions

To insure that each batch of Zoka coffee delivered is of the highest quality, Zoka needed to restrict shipping & delivery dates to reflect the actual date of roasting for a particular batch of coffee.  Using UltraCart's powerful shipping & delivery date restriction functionality, customers are notified immediately at the beginning of the order process of valid shipping & delivery date options.  Customers are confident that they are receiving only the freshest quality product, and Zoka is able to maintain flexible roasting, packaging, and delivery expectations.

For More Information

To learn more about Zoka Coffee, please visit their website.  To learn more about Capitol Media, designers of the Zoka Coffee website, please visit them at capitolmedia.com.  To contact UltraCart Professional Services, please click here.