About Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market, founded in 1930, is an open air fish market located in Seattle, Washington, at the corner of Pike Street and Pike Place. It is known for their tradition of fishmongers throwing fish that customers have purchased, before they are wrapped.

Brand Recognition

Pike Place Fish Market has quickly become a Seattle landmark, attracting as many as 10,000 visitors per day.  One of the hallmarks of their branding campaign is a unified image and distinct design and feel.  Customers are familiar with the signature "World Famous" branding, and Pike Place Fish Market wanted to be sure this familiarity was successfully transferred to their website.  Utilizing UltraCart's powerful and robust screen branding technologies, Pike Place Fish Market is able to carry their unified brand from the first click to the final checkout without any interruptions or inconsistencies.

Ship Date Restrictions

Since Pike Place Fish Market specializes in shipping fresh fish all over the country, it is imperative that their shopping cart be able to handle the unique requirements necessary to safely and efficiently ship perishible products.  Using UltraCart's advanced shipping systems, Pike Place Fish Market is able to completely customize delivery schedules, including restrictions on shipping days, order cut-off times, and even optimizing shipping methods to insure that a customer's order arrives on the day it is promised.

Efficient & Error-Free Shipping

With the organized chaos involved in running a large warehouse and retail operation, the last thing Pike Place Fish Market needs is additional complexity in packing and shipping customer orders.  Thanks to UltraShip, the custom shipping application developed by UltraCart, Pike Place Fish Market is able to reduce the manpower required to process customer orders.  Additionally, since each order is unique in terms of desired preparation, weight / size, and even the amount of cooling material required, a standard shipping package simply will not do.  UltraShip, with tight integration with scanning tools, scales, and even specific shipper databases and applications, provides an A-to-Z solution for almost every shipping scenario.

Simplifying Required IT Staff

Pike Place Fish Market is in the business of providing their customers world-famous seafood in a unique environment.  The last thing that should come in the way of the customer experience are problems caused by IT issues.  Thanks to UltraCart's unique hosted shopping cart environment, Pike Place Fish Market doesn't need a dedicated IT staffer to maintain and troubleshoot their e-commerce platform.  Upgrades are provided automatically by UltraCart, and Pike Place Fish Market is always on "the latest version".  And since UltraCart is a mutil-tenant platform, Pike Place Fish Market benefits from improvements and customizations commissioned by other UltraCart merchants.

For More Information

To learn more about Pike Place Fish Market, please visit their website.  To learn more about Capitol Media, please visit them at capitolmedia.com.  To contact UltraCart Professional Services, please visit our Contact Us page.

1. You started Pike Place Fish Market online way back in the early 2000's, did people think you were nuts for putting something as perishable as seafood for sale online?

To this day it is hard for some people to believe that we can send fish anywhere in the US overnight. As long as you pack it well and keep it cold it is no problem.

2. We have had Pike Place as a focus on our website for a long time because you do a great job of keeping your site fresh. Why do you place such a high regard on redesigning the website?

We wanted to keep the appearance of the site fresh and new just like the fish that we carry. We were always getting different fish in and needed to have a website that was easy for the customers to place orders on. If it is hard to navigate the site, people will just not order and go somewhere else. We also wanted to make it easy for us to make changes to the site like price, quantity, description as well as add and remove items. You can tell when a site is dated and it makes you question how the product will be. With fish we can't take that chance, the site has to be fresh and new.

3. Pike Place Fish Market has sponsored a number of custom projects to make buying seafood easierfor your customers. What would you say is the most beneficial looking back?

Giving the choices about what they can purchase. Like letting them chose how they want it cut or how big of a fish they want. Before we just said 5#, 10#, of 20# fish. Now they have the ability to choose from a range that we are able to set the high and low ends. That way if someone can order the size they want.

4. There is a heavy focus on the website about being World Famous, what does that mean and how did Pike Place Fish achieve that status?

We are known around the world for high quality seafood, great customer service, and making a difference for people. We wanted the people who can't make it to Seattle, to be able to experience us and the shop, through the website. We just want every customer to have a great experience whether they are buying fish or not.

5. Fish is an interesting product with a whole host of issues when it comes to online sales, but you have been successful for so long you obviously have a way to break through the challenges. Is there a process you use to work through business challenges?

I think the key is to be honest with the customer. Make sure they know exactly what they are buying, what it will look like when they get it, how long it will last, etc... No one wants to order something online expecting to get one thing, and then when you open the box it is different. We have a guarantee on all of our fish; if its not exactly what you ordered let us know so we can make it right.

6. The sixth question is a free for all. What advice would you give UltraCart users to help them as their business grows?

To let you guys know exactly what they are looking, because UltraCart seems to be able to accommodate almost everything you could ask to have. If not they will start a build to get it available. I remember we had several things that we had to have built just for us.

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