Flirty Aprons is a concept and brand which is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. Its products have a broad appeal, as most women feel like a Flirty Apron will make them more attractive in the home. Flirty Aprons has also gained momentum because of its "giftability"--it is a fresh concept that most people like, and is inexpensive.

Flirty Aprons was born in 2007 when two couples partnered together with the goal of forming a world-class business. The partners chose to develop their Flirty Aprons concept after researching its market potential, and finding good room for growth.

Since its launch in January of 2008, the Flirty Aprons concept has spread through many different channels, but its website continues to be its bread and butter. The partners knew that Flirty Aprons would need a website with a shopping cart and backend systems which were sufficiently scalable to handle Flirty Aprons' rapid growth. After attempting to work with many other shopping carts, Flirty Aprons' CEO Joseph Hansen finally found Ultracart, and determined that it would be a great solution for the company.

Website and E-Commerce Integration

Now that Flirty Aprons had identified the shopping cart of choice, they needed to find a web development company that could help them make the transition. They chose Capitol Media in Seattle, WA. Capitol Media has partnered with Ultracart for the last 4 years developing such sites as and

Capitol Media led Flirty Aprons though a two phased process starting with the project specification/design phase, ending with development and deployment of the site. The two phase process ensured delivering a product that Flirty Aprons and their customer base were satisfied with. lives on Capitol Media's open source content management tool, SUBTEXT. SUBTEXT offers flexibility to Flirty Apron's staff to maintain the website without relying on an experienced HTML developer thereby saving time and money.

Transition Results

Ultracart has proven to be superior to the other shopping carts previously used by Flirty Aprons. Not only does it provide a solid integration with Quickbooks, but it has many features that give the company room to maneuver when customizing its checkout process.

Since switching over to the Ultracart Platform and having their site re-developed by Capitol Media, Flirty Aprons has experienced significant sales growth and operational streamlining. Year-to-date website sales for 2010 have shown a 246% growth over sales in the same period for 2009.

The Ultrabooks and Ultraship applications have also allowed Flirty Aprons employees to process orders and update bookkeeping records much more efficiently. The company estimates that fulfillment process times have decreased by almost 70%.

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