ULTRACART Professional Services

Manage Your Business, Not Your Website!

Let UltraCart Pro Services develop a custom-designed content management solution (CMS) for your business. We will work within your business processes to create a distinctive, website that can be effectively managed by a single operator!

Our design team can increase your bottom line. UC Pro Services' designers are experts and can help with:

  • Increasing conversion rates by optimizing existing web pages
  • Making upsell pages to increase sales after the sale
  • Creating effective sales funnels for your online products

Our development team will save you more time than you'll know what to do with! We build e-commerce websites with built in tools that allow your employees to be creative with their time, instead of performing tedious tasks. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Edit your website' content right from your website (this means no more DreamWeaver, FTP, etc.)
  • Upload photos, and add products and pages to your site without writing any code whatsoever
  • Provide customer support & checkout phone customers with ease
  • Update prices, product descriptions, and other important information in seconds

All of this can be done from one hosted control panel and with 1 operator!

Custom Account Design and Development

We can work with any design you bring us, and give you a fully functional website with all the bells and whistles. That being said, it really pays to have e-commerce experts assist you in your design process when you're designing an e-commerce website. Ultracart has a proven track record of increasing sales for clients, and clients typically reach ROI on design costs within 3-4 months.

UltraCart Pro Services offers customized design solutions to give your business the professional, user-friendly experience that customers expect. Through extensive needs-analysis and discovery conversations, we become familiar with your business processes and data flow.

Ecommerce Focused Development

Our one-stop process can save you a lot of time when compared to hiring a designer, then hiring a coder, and then having Ultracart integrate your code.

  • Mock Up Design: We produce PDF (Portable Document Format) representations of your business design for your review and notation.
  • Feedback: You are asked to provide feedback. This is where ideas meet.
  • Final Draft: Taking your insight into account, we produce the final draft of your custom website design and deliver it to you for your approval.
  • Development: Now's the time to relax while your design is turned into a fully functional website.
  • Training: Once we're finished with your website, we'll train you and your staff on how to get the most out of it so that you can begin making your website a success quickly.

This entire process ('Mock Up' to 'Final Draft') typically takes up to one week depending on the intricacy of the design and the amount of modifications. Once complete, you are given a fully optimized graphical representation of your website which can then be coded into your dynamic ecommerce business!

Custom Checkout

UltraCart's single page and multi-page checkout work perfectly for the average merchant, but some merchants would like to have more flexibility in the way their shopping cart is displayed. Using the JavaScript API Checkout allows you to design the page in any fashion and still use the advanced logic and options of the full UltraCart checkout.

Multi-Page Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart Multi-Page Checkout

Single-Page Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart Single Page Checkout

Javascript Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart JavaScript Checkout

Some examples of functionality that you can utilize with the JS API Checkout are: instant information transfer (capture valuable customer information even if they abandon), your custom design and functionality, checkout can be on any server, error messages rendered on page, custom questions and forms, tailored to your business = higher conversion!

Already have a designer, but need to add e-commerce to your existing site?

We can use your existing design to create a fully editable, dynamic product catalog and website with all the bells and whistles you'd expect. This means no more pre-made templates with 80% of the functionality you need.